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„We reconciled comfort and beauty for you, as a means to constantly challenge whatever is ordinary and trivial.”

In order to carry out our mission, Samanta focuses on a charming design, an ideal cut, perfect workmanship, unique usability, high service standards, and the fact that for 24 years it has been WOMEN CREATING FOR WOMEN.

Offer and clients

Samanta has in its offer a rich selection of women’s lingerie, beginning with everyday lingerie, nightwear, through swimsuits as well as beachwear, and finishing on many accessories (lingerie travelling or washing  bags, blindfolds, garters). The company also offers the services of Individual Bra Fitting and sewing products for individual clients. Every year we present two collections: spring-summer and fall-winter, and each of them abounds with new products in three available sub-brands.


Samanta Glamour – global fashion trends, elegancy, comfort and exquisite quality of fabrics.



Samanta Pret-a-Porter – colors, embroidery, guipure, classic beauty mixed with comfort.


Samanta Young – delicacy and minimalism in the noble lace.


Why Samanta?

-          exclusive collection of comfortable women’s lingerie

-          Individual Bra Fitting services

-          help in accomplishing your dreams – You can design for Yourself your dream lingerie

-          Lingerie Academy – promoting proper bra fitting

-          over 25 years of experience in the business

-          a team of people with professional expertise and passion