C i r c u m f e r e n c e   g r o u p s



  1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  9. 
1. 60 C 65 B 70 A            
2. 60 D 65 C 70 B 75 A          
3. 60 E 65 D 70 C 75 B 80 A        
4. 60 F 65 E 70 D 75 C 80 B        
5. 60 G 65 F 70 E 75 D 80 C 85 B      
6. 60 H 65 G 70 F 75 E 80 D 85 C      
7. 60 I 65 H 70 G 75 F 80 E 85 D 90 C    
8. 60 J 65 I 70 H 75 G 80 F 85 E 90 D 95 C  
9. 60 K 65 J 70 I 75 H 80 G 85 F 90 E 95 F 100 C
10. 60 L 65 K 70 J 75 I 80 H 85 G 90 F 95 E 100 D
11. 60 M 65 L 70 K 75 J 80 I 85 H 90 G 95 F 100 E
12. 60 N 65 M 70 L 75 K 80 J 85 I 90 H 95 G 100 F
13.   65 N 70 M 75 L 80 K 85 J 90 I 95 H 100 G
14.     70 N 75 M 80 L 85 K 90 J 95 I 100 H
15.       75 N 80 M 85 L 90 K 95 J 100 I



      Sizes implemented under the Individual Selection of Lingerie framework and "Custom made products"<
      Sizes found in the assortment offered for sale



 Bras, beach tops, corsets, bodysuits, beachwear.

Circumference under the breasts 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100 105 110
Range in (cm) 58-62 63-67 68-72 73-77 78-82 83-87 88-92 93-97 97-102 103-107 108-112


We measure the circumference across the breasts and the difference between the circumference across the breasts and under the breasts gives us the cup size

Cup type cm
A 12 - 14
B 14 - 16
C 16 - 18
D 18 - 20
E 20 - 22
F 22 - 24
G 24 - 26
H 26 - 28
I 28 - 30
J 30 - 32
K 32 - 34
L 34 - 36
M 36 - 38
N 38 - 40


 Panties, thongs, tanga, boxers, beach briefs, garter belts, tops, petticoats, shirts, pants, robes, shorts, beach pants, beach skirts,  beach tunics

Basic and additional dimensions  Circumference through the breasts, waist, hips /letter codes for women Intervals
Circumference across the breasts 76 80 84 88 92 96 100 104 110 116 122 128 134 140 4 i 6 cm
 Letter code XS S M L XL XXL 3XL  
 Range in (cm) 74-78 78-82 82-86 86-90 90-94 94-98 98-102 102-107 107-113 113-119 119-125 125-131 131-137 137-143  
 Waist 60 64 68 72 76 80 84 88 94 100 106 112 118 124 4 i 6 cm
 Range in (cm) 58-62 62-66 66-70 70-74 74-78 78-82 82-86 86-91 91-97 97-103 103-109 109-115 115-121 121-127  
 Hips 84 88 92 96 100 104 108 112 117 122 127 132 137 142 4 i 5 cm
 Range in (cm) 82-86 86-90 90-94 94-98 98-102 102-106 106-110 110-115 115-120 120-125 125-130 130-135 135-140 140-145  
 Attention  Above the breast circumference of 104cm the interval (difference between successive values of body size) varies.


 Normalised height of women Intervals
 Height 156 160 164 168 172 176 180 184 188 8cm
 Range in (cm) - 156-164 - 164-172 - 172-180 - 180-188 - -


Correctly selected bra

A good bra is not only the size but also the model matched to the type of figure and needs of the Customer. 
Samanta offers a wide range of lingerie models for ladies with larger and smaller breasts.

How to fit the bra?

Every bra should have ideally fitted circumference – measurement under the breasts, cups and the length of shoulder straps.

Step 1     Check the bra’s circumference!
Measure yourself precisely under the breasts, and then (deducting several centimetres) round the result down. This is Your bra’s circumference. Remember, however, that how your bra will fit is also dependent on the amount of fatty tissue and the arrangement of ribs.
A good bra does not move up towards the nape of the neck and properly supports breasts.

Step  2    Check the size of cup!
Select the size so long, until you find the ideally matched circumference and cup covering the whole breast. If the breast is distinctly divided by the edge of the bra, under your arms you see body pleats or the cups are deforming the breasts, pushing them aside, this means, that the cups of the bra weren’t selected correctly.
A good bra is the one, in which the cups cover the whole breast, the breasts are gently rounded, and breast shape creates a uniform, smooth line.

Step  3    Check the shoulder straps!
Remember, that the base of good support of the breasts is ideally fitted bra circumference, 
and the shoulder straps constitute only its complement.
A good bra is the one, in which the shoulder straps are slightly tense, they do not leave tracks on skin and do not fall off the shoulders.

Your bra size
Check the size of Your bra

Check the size of Your bra


58 - 62 cm

The breast girth:

69 - 71 cm

The recommended size:

Check the size of figs

Check your size figs

Waist size:


Hips size:


The recommended size:



There is no one universal size of bra, always fitting a given person. Bras differ in stretchability of circumferences, size of cups or the type of whalebones. Moreover, in different countries are applied different methods of denoting bra sizes.
In Poland bra size is determined with the help of combination of numbers and letters. For instance, number 75, 80, 85 indicates the circumference of bra, and the letter, for example A, B, C the size of cup. In order to define correctly the bra size one should measure the circumference under the breasts and on the breasts.

Circumference of the breasts    - is the circumference of chest measured in the broadest part of the  breasts (through the centre of breasts)
Circumference under the breasts    -  is the circumference of chest measured (tightly) directly  under the breasts.

The Polish standards define the bra circumference every 5 centimetres and therefore the sizes available at shops are 65, 70, 75, 80 etc. Differences between the actual chest circumferences and the ones established by the Polish norms are defined by the size table in the form of ranges.


The ABC's of lingerie

Bra – a type of ladies’ lingerie, whose purpose is to support, model and show off breasts. Properly selected, not only emphasizes but also corrects the figure.

Low cut under wire bra – a model of bra glorified in the 1950s by Brigitte Bardot. Special cut (gathering and supporting breasts) and silicone lining allow to wear the bra without shoulder straps. Ideal model for dresses and blouses with open shoulders.

Briefs – classic, lower part of ladies’ lingerie, covering the whole buttocks.

Whalebones – strengthening of the construction, which prevents rolling up of the bra’s material. Made of plastics of high resistance, guarantee the maintenance of the bra’s construction.

Corset – elegant part of ladies’ lingerie, usually with whalebones, making the waist look slender and shaping and lifting up breasts. Frequently with unfastened shoulder straps or garter belts.

Construction of bra (model) – the method of the bra’s execution from the constructional point of view. Every construction is different, intended for different breasts and meets different expectations. 

Cups – The main constructional part of the bra directly sticking to breasts. The cup, in order to perform its function properly, cannot be too small or too large, see What influences the bra’s size. 

Seamless cups – smooth cups without visible seams, from soft and thin sponge covered with cloth or made of special, elastic cloth shaped into an anatomical form.

Circumference under the breasts – measured in cemtimetres allows to define the size of bra e.g. 65, 70, 85, 105, whereas the difference between circumference of the breasts and circumference under the breast allows to define the size of the cup A, B, C, D.

Push-up – specially shaped bra lifting up breasts, with small pockets hidden in the lower part of the cup for material or silicone insertions, thanks to which the breasts appear larger.

Shoulder straps – correctly adjusted shoulder straps are the complement of properly selected bra. Too long shoulder straps will fall down, whereas too short may cause lifting up of the bra’s circumference at the back and may bite into shoulders. Shoulder straps are adjusted to the bra size, the larger the size, the wider the straps. Very often the original shoulder straps are unfastened, thanks to which they may be replaced.

String bikini – type of pants, mostly  for ladies (there are also men’s), whose back part is a narrow strap, hiding between buttocks.

Centre – constructional element of bra, to which cups and circumference are sewn on.

Tanga – a type of ladies pants, partly exposing buttocks. More cut out, on hips they are connected by a narrow strap of material, rubber band or ribbon.

Triangle – also called neck, material joining cups, it doesn’t join the circumference, it’s a separate part of bra.


Individual Underwear selection

What is the Individual Underwear Selection (IUS)?

Especially for our Clients who expect special underwear adjustment services we started a program of Individual Underwear Adjustment on 1 September 2010. Thanks to services offered under IUS you will adjust our underwear to your individual needs. The invisible professional changes introduced to the underwear will ensure the comfort of wearing.

Our Individual Underwear Selection program offers the following services:

Shortening the bra circumference – a service of individual fitting of the bra circumference. We shorten circumferences by an appropriate number of centimetres or size by size in accordance with standards. Such service does not deprive the bra of its advantages, and the introduced changes are hardly visible.

Sewing on an extra hook and eye – there is a possibility of lengthening the circumference by an additional hook and eye on special request.

Straps replacement – a service based on taking out the straps and their replacement with new ones, according to the needs: wider, thinner, smooth, ornamented.

Straps shortening – we shorten straps on individual requests but still provide the adjustment possibility.

Sewing extra straps – a service based on sewing extra straps according to individual needs.

Straps strengthening – a service based on sewing a supporting tape onto the straps that would serve to stabilise them.

Sewing on unfastened straps – a service based on cutting the permanent straps and sewing in special fastenings that allow for straps replacement.

Finishing elastic replacement – a service based on taking out ordinary elastics from the sides of the bra and their replacement with special ones used in low cut under wire types of bras, which better support the bra or, in models with silicone elastics, the elastics may be replaced by traditional elastics without a silicone tape.

Lining cups with cotton – for Ladies with very sensitive skin we provide a possibility of lining the whole or a part of bra cups with cotton considerably changing the comfort of use.

Sewing on pockets for enlarging insertions – in the case of push-up bras without a special pocket, we provide a possibility of sewing on a special pocket for enlarging insertions.

Sewing on a circumference tape – a service based on sewing (to selected models) an ornamental or supporting tape on the circumference (under cups).

Hooks, rings, ornaments, fastenings replacement – the replacement of hooks, rings, ornaments and fastenings with new ones in accordance with standards of the product.

Accessory (hooks, rings, ornaments, fastenings) replacement in accordance with individual preferences of Clients the replacement of hooks, rings, ornaments and fastenings on individual request announced by a Client.

What is the order completion time?

The order completion time is determined individually and does not exceed a period of 14 days. 

Which products are subject to the IUS service?

The IUS services are provided within the scope of Samanta products purchase in company Sales Showrooms, the Internet Shop, the Producer Shop, as well as in partner shops network offering Samanta lingerie.

In case of special offer products, products on sale or limited offer being adjusted to the Client’s needs, the IUS program reserves a possibility of using accessories or materials other than those used in the original.

The cost of a product delivery to the company registered office, as well as the cost of sending it back to the designated address shall be covered by the Client who orders an IUS service. 

What is the cost of the IUS?

The IUS service is chargeable. Please contact us for the price list or any further information:

Further conditions for the IUS service provision

Any products adjusted under the IUS program shall not be subject to return or exchange into another product.


How to take care of and properly wash the lingerie

If You want Your lingerie to always look like on the day of purchase, before the first washing you must necessarily check the symbols on tags and always obey the following rules:

- comply with our maintenance recommendations – you will find them on tags sewn in from the inside of the lingerie;
- if you find„hand wash” recommendation on the label, use special liquids for delicate fibres; 
- never dry bra in a tumble drier;
- if Your bra can be washed in a washing machine – remember to put strapped bra into the washing machine, before, however, don’t forget to put it into a special bag;

On the tags of Your lingerie you will find several symbols concerning the required temperature of washing and ironing. Check, if you know what they mean and comply with these recommendations:

- hand wash                    

- maximum washing temperature of 40˚C

- maximum washing temperature of 30˚C

- benign process

- do not use bleach / no bleach

- do not use tumble drying

- do not iron

- do not dry clean


Markings on nightwear:

- ironing at the maximum temperature of the bottom plate 110˚C

- ironing at the maximum temperature of the bottom płyty150˚C



From the Bridge's bedroom

When selecting the cut of wedding dress you should focus on the assets of your figure, which you wish to show off. Even a simple dress with the appropriate neckline may subtly emphasize the natural beauty of Your curves. However, don’t forget about the proper selection of lingerie.


If you know, which assets of your own figure you want to emphasize, choose the type of neckline in your wedding dress, and then match the lingerie, which will ensure the ideal effect. Take our instructions, however, first of all, when trying on different models of dresses, check whether you are pleased with the end result

Heart shaped neckline, is the cut for women with larger breasts, who wish to emphasize their natural beauty. To this type of dress we recommend a bra from Modesta line – model A122 – whose cups, thanks to side strengthenings, slightly lift up, support and round large breasts, at the same time maintaining their natural appearance.


V shaped neckline, is a proposal for ladies with smaller breasts, who wish to show them off sensually. Bra from the Semi line - model A335 – nicely gathers, rounds and shows off breasts in low necklines. Completion of the lingerie set may be briefs or strings and garter belt from the same line.


Strapless dress, is a style for ladies with medium and larger breasts and attractive line of shoulders. Elegant bra from the Inti line (model AA351), thanks to shoulder straps that may be unfastened, allows to have such neckline even the ladies, who have smaller and less firm as well as widely set breasts. Inti properly holds and sensually lifts up breasts to the neckline, and with garter belt it makes the ideal wedding lingerie.


Even if you know almost everything about necklines – which is the best for You, and which is not – when selecting a dress remember, that sometimes what looks beautifully in the catalogue does not always come true in practice, and the other way round. Therefore, try on as many dresses as possible, and when you choose the most beautiful, dream one, for lingerie visit the Samanta Companty Salons and partner shops.



Advice from the lingerie drawer – The buttocks are not ham – do not let them be cut

Oval , round.  Concave, convex . Firm , flaccid. The object of trailing glances from men.

An inseparable “pair” with breasts. The BUTTOCKS. They will also be the subject of discussion and the subject of concern in the issues raised.  Neglected , forgotten , pushed to the back burner they deserve the same attention as the pride of womanhood , the breasts.

The buttocks are not ham. Everyone knows that. Why then, do we often wear shapeless spice rolls or cured ham? It is time to change this. A measuring line and a fitting room will be helpful.  Yes, truism , but knowing the circumference of your hips saves a considerable amount of time and disappointment in the fight against a thicket of diverse interpretations of size. A fitting will protect us from unpleasant disappointment at home. We measure, choose and fit. Typically, there are several types of "pants" . Let's try them all! Do not stick tightly to your favourite cut. Maybe this time we will fall in love with another one. Let us also remember that the hip in women is not only 7 standard sizes of clothing, which will give us another reason to measure , measure and measure again.

Do not let he panties cut into the buttocks. In addition to improperly chosen size, we choose an inappropriate cut. A good looking person does not look good in everything. A beautiful bottom in excessively tight trousers or figs sawed in half certainly does not deserve admiration, not to mention the trailing looks of men. There are a couple of rescue options, and by creatively approaching the topic , we can find more of them. Let's try a thong or tanga , if the former are outside of our perception. Seamless underwear , whose aim is to be invisible is also helpful . Creatively , in search of the perfect shape for skinny pants we can be tempted to try slimming underwear. An additional advantage apart from the liquidation of grooving buttocks is that it smoothes us here and there . Unconventionally , we can reach for push-up panties. This is not a joke, just the fulfillment of our dreams. They will raise, round and gently deceive. Gentlemen will not see or feel the difference and discover not only in the alcove of our bedroom.

If you managed to eliminate the effect of cutting into the buttocks, and when looking in the mirror you are still not happy with the result - change your pants.


Marzena Listwan – lingerie designer


Advice from the lingerie drawer - a bra is not a roller – don’t let yourself get flattened

Small, large, set closely, set far apart, firm, flaccid, BUST – given by nature. The pride of femininity. Each one of us has it, but unfortunately not everyone cares for it, or treats it as an asset. I follow the principle that prevention is better than cure. In this case as well.  Here treatment is surgery, and prevention is the appropriate choice of bra for you. A word of introduction, the advice given below is aimed at saving the household budget , bruises, pain , disappointment , and giving you information that will help PREVENT.

The bra is not a roller. Everyone knows this. So why do we often allow our breasts to be pressed. By accident? Through ignorance? I don’t know. Before you choose to purchase your dream lingerie, make a few simple calculations. They will guard you against the unplanned “roller” effect, improve your mood, breasts and figure. Two dimensions: The bust and under the bust. The difference between them will determine your cup size. And that’s it! Equipped with this piece of information you can set out to conquer lingerie boutiques. Yes I know , it's still not the size. You can easily define it in every good lingerie shop. Do not be deceived , however, that you only have one size. Every country has its customs and every company its traditions. Equipped with the dimensions you are a competent customer, who can no longer be told  just about anything. Always remember to try on , try on , try on , until a smile and satisfaction appear on your face . Nothing by force. Everything for your pleasure.

Don’t let yourself get flattened. The most common involuntary sin is a mismatched cut. Not without reason " the master minds " of the linen industry are intensely working on inventing new styles and designs. Each of us is unique especially in terms of cut. Try on without fear styles that seem  “not to be for you." Fear and habit are not the only sins we commit in the boutique dressing room.  A mismatched cup size,  can be quickly and efficiently eliminated.  Just ask for a larger one. Equally often we forget that the straps are not only an element that is used to connect the back to the front of the bra. Appropriate regulation affects the matching of the cups and eliminates the effect of an additional “pair" of breasts. Remember, however, that it is not the straps that increase your bust. The secret is the circumference.  Do not confuse a sense of comfort and freedom with a loose, neck reaching circumference. It should be found at the end of the shoulder blades adjacent to the body.

If you leave the dressing room happy and satisfied in a newly purchased bra , but your breasts still look like they are rolled over, all that remains is to change your  blouse.


Marzena Listwan – lingerie designer